Dagstuhl Seminar on Notional Machines and Programming Language Semantics in Education

Collaborate on initiating projects related to notional machines and programming language misconceptions

Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany
Sun, Jul 7, 2019Fri, Jul 12, 2019

Matthias Hauswirth participating in this seminar on Notional Machines and Programming Language Semantics in Education in Dagstuhl, Germany.

Poster presentation on Conceptual Change in Learning to Program.


Learning to program is hard. In this poster we show two approaches we used to investigate the conceptual change students undergo as novice programmers. We use the Informa Clicker tool where students construct responses, similar to visual program simulation, and we use the Informa Mastery Learning platform to support the detailed analysis of the development of a fine-grained set of specific skills. Based on these approaches we have identified a collection of 165 misconceptions about programming in Java. At USI we are now embarking on a project to investigate trajectories through that space of conceptual understanding and to connect learning between different programming languages.

  • Report
  • progmiscon.org – Anya Tafliovich, André Santos, and Matthias Hauswirth planted the seed for their collaboration on progmiscon here
  • notionalmachines.github.io – The community behind this curated collection of notional machines was formed here

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