Resources & Tools

Our research connects programming languages and computing education. We design tools and approaches, conduct studies, teach at all levels of the university, contribute to textbooks, and help in teacher education.

Textbook Contribution

Computer Science in K-12

Operators and Expressions (with Shuchi Grover)

Web App

Curriculum Mapper

Explore, Map, & Compare Computing Curricula

Web App

Expression Tutor

Understand Expressions as Trees

Desktop App

Informa Clicker

Get Deep Feedback from All Students

Web App

Informa Mastery

Asynchronous Blended Mastery Learning Platform

Textbook Contribution

Informatik: Programmieren und Robotik

High School Informatics Textbook (Klett und Balmer Verlag)

Web App

Notional Machine Collection

Pedagogic Devices for Teaching Programming

Web App


Turn Misconceptions into Learning Opportunities

Python Library


Problem Decomposition with Graphics